Facebook Live

Designed the first Facebook Live experience, a new way for people and brands to share live video on Facebook.


Facebook Mentions

We built Facebook Mentions to help public figures connect with their fans and each other. Since we introduced the app in July, we've had over 12K monthly actors, athletes, musicians and other influencers using Mentions to post photos and videos, talk to their fans, and connect with other public figures. Click the emoji to learn more and see the best Mentions posts. 


Facebook Q&A

A feature for Facebook Pages that allow public figures to reply directly to their fans  in comment threads, allowing fans to vote up the best comments/questions by liking them.

These Q&As result in much higher engagement than normal Facebook Posts because fans really know it's the artist doing it and they'll want to share with their friends.



Various Propaganda

Promoting Facebook culture ranging from posters to brand identities 



A product built to help you wake up feeling great, improve your sleep, and learn how the environment of your bedroom affects your rest.